Britons Heading Off On Holiday With As Much As

Britons Heading Off On Holiday With As Much As £500 Worth Of Unprotected Gadgets

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 29 August 2012

New research from specialist gadget insurer Protect your bubble has identified that almost seven in ten (69%) British tourists are woefully underinsured for their gadgets when travelling abroad, believing that their travel or home insurance will safeguard them in case of damage or theft.


The research shows that almost two thirds of all British tourists (64%) take in excess of £250 of gadgets away on holiday with them, with a further 29% claiming to carry more than £500 worth.

However, very few are aware that the majority of the top home contents insurance policies (19 of the most popular 20 policies) do not cover them for taking their gadgets abroad, while some of the most popular travel insurance policies only cover holidaymakers for loss, theft or damage of their gadgets up to a maximum of £50 after the excess has been paid – leaving some unlucky travellers almost £450 out of pocket.


Stephen Ebbett, director of Protect your bubble, comments: “People are making assumptions they are covered without checking the small print. While travel and home contents insurance are crucial, they often do not go far enough to cover items of any significant value.”


More concerning was that the research also revealed that holidaymakers are being particularly flippant with their phones whilst abroad, with 63% claiming they would leave their phone unattended on the beach or pool side if they went swimming.


Exactly half of these people (50%) believe that keeping items under a towel will keep them safe from thieves, while others prefer to bury their gadgets in sand to keep them safe.


Stephen Ebbett, director of, comments: “Forget burying gadgets in the sand, these people are burying their heads in it. It’s crazy to think that hiding your possessions under a towel or in the sand will keep them safe.


“People need to check their individual insurance policies, but most insurers would still deem it negligent by the policy holder, if any gadgets were left unattended on a beach and more than an arm’s reach away. This means that any claims would almost certainly be turned down.


“Imagine a phone was actually a £500 note, which effectively it is. I suspect that not many people would leave it unattended, so why then would you take the same risk with your gadgets?”


Research conducted by independent research agency Atomik Research, which surveyed more than 2000 people in July, 2012.


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