Landlord Building Insurance saves money for Landlords

Article by N Joerning

Insurance policies are designed to provide financial stability to people. There are several insurance policies available in the market. You can get life insurance, car insurance, medical insurance and many more. For a property owner, it is extremely important to have proper insurance coverage to protect the owner from any damages cause to the property. This is the reason to opt for landlord building insurance. The landlord insurance offers lots of benefits. This insurance will cover all the financial lose in case of unwanted incident. Incidents that cause damage, such as fires, explosions, earthquakes, floods and more.

The landlord building insurance is not a legal requirement, but not purchasing the insurance is not a wise decision. It is essential to be prepared for any unwanted circumstance that can occur. The policies are cheaper and safe if you buy from a reputed insurance company. This will ensure that the landlord will feel protected with best possible insurance cover. The insurance for landlords will help to minimise the risk factor associated with the property. The insurance products consists number of benefits in one complete package and at affordable price.

Insurance policies are often neglected by many landlords. However, this is serious and should be avoided. If the landlord is renting out property or a building, it is advisable to consider the option of insurance policy. This is the primary source of income and therefore, utmost attention should be paid. If the property goes through any untoward incident, without proper insurance cover, the landlord will be powerless and will incur losses. Landlord building insurance is designed specifically for the letting market, ensuring the policy covers wide range of risks. The insurance for landlords will give them a wider broader spectrum of cover.

If an accidental fire occurs, this can cause lots of damage to your building or property. There are higher chances of spending huge amount of money on repairing. This means that the landlord is paying from the pocket to fix the property. This results in the landlord losing out on the rental income for that period of time. The landlord can protect the rental income in this situation through rent guarantee insurance cover. This is the precise reason to have the right insurance package to meet the financial requirements. Landlord insurance is a profitable form of investment. The property owners are assured of great returns if they invest in an insurance policy.

There are many companies offering services to the landlords, and they have a presence on the Internet. The property owners can get the perfect insurance that specifically meets their requirements. The Landlord building insurance rates differ from company to company. Therefore, it will be wise to search for the best deal. The easiest way to get all queries solved is by opting for insurance quotes. On reputed websites, you can get various insurance quotes to buy the insurance that suits the landlord. Finding an insurance policy that is competitive and flexible is the first priority of the landlords. Going through the terms and conditions will enable the property owner to understand the insurance properly to get maximum benefit.

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Property Landlords Insurance News: Flux Now Offers Landlords Free Contents Cover with its Building Insurance Scheme

Property Landlords Insurance News: Flux Now Offers Landlords Free Contents Cover with its Building Insurance Scheme

Flux can offer landords free contents cover

(PRWeb UK) July 23, 2009

Mortgages are harder to get these days and there are an increasing number of people turning to the rental market for housing which is good news for landlords. However, landlords in the furnished sector often find it difficult to get contents cover for their properties. Now Adrian Flux’s landlord division can include free contents cover with its landlord’s building insurance to offer a comprehensive package.

“By including free contents cover with the buildings insurance we are able to offer landlords an extremely cost-effective policy,” says Julie Carter of Flux. “It also cuts down on the paperwork and hassle for landlords when it comes to sorting insurance.”

Flux’s scheme offers landlords comprehensive cover for the building itself. The free contents insurance is designed for furniture and fittings that landlords supply with furnished lets, including beds, curtains, sofas and kitchen equipment, and some of Flux’s policies offer cover up to £10,000 in value.

The free cover is only for the landlord’s fixtures and fittings and is not designed to cover a tenant’s personal property items.

Adrian Flux Insurance Services aims to offer cheaper property insurance and has a range of policies for landlords and buy to let, including specialist schemes for hard to insure properties such as thatched homes, flat roofs, underpinned buildings and those at risk of flooding. For information call the Flux household insurance hotline on 08700 772266, email or visit the website,, and click on the relevant button under the ‘Home Insurance’ section.

Free contents cover for landlords.doc – Aug-09

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