Home Insurance a Must for Both Home Owners and Landlords

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There’s no arguing that every property owner needs to have some form of home insurance policy taken out on their residence, since (as Mother Nature has proven repeatedly) the weather in Ireland can switch from one extreme to another in the blink of an eye. As if the weather alone weren’t enough to keep home owners up at night worrying, there’s always the possibility of losses due to theft and other criminal acts, or the risk of fire or flooding. Let’s face it -there’s a lot that can go wrong when you own a house. Having sufficient insurance coverage in place from a reputable insurance provider can go a long way to ensuring you’re able to sleep at night, even when the news is telling you to have your brolly at the ready. While insurance is important for any homeowner or renter, it is absolutely vital for property owners who rely on their properties as a source of income by renting them out.

The type of insurance coverage property owners rely on is increasingly being found through Quoteme.ie, a Dundalk-based company that offers a huge variety of insurance products designed to ensure Ireland residents get affordable insurance for their homes, vehicles, and businesses. They also specialize in House for Let and Rented Property policies, and the Quoteme.ie staff of over 50 highly trained and qualified Insurance Specialists are always at the ready to answer any questions about property insurance that come their way through the Quoteme.ie Call Centre.

Quoteme.ie helps landlords and basic home owners alike find the best insurance coverage possible by acting as a broker that offers insurance packages and policies from 19 major insurers. Property owners and landlords alike can use the Quoteme.ie comparative quotation engine to quickly and easily find the best policy out there for their specific needs, whether it’s a basic home owner’s plan or something that covers loss of income -which is a must have for any landlord.The home coverage experts at Quoteme.ie can help landlords assess all the inclusions and exclusions in their rented property insurance policies, enabling them to get the best rates and coverage available to them.

With an insider’s perspective of the home insurance needs of Ireland’s property owners, Quoteme.ie is an online insurance broker that puts customer service first. From an easy to navigate website to the fully staffed Call Centre, they are fully equipped to provide the coverage, competitive prices and friendly service that homeowners, renters and landlords can rely on, no matter how grey the skies may be.

About the Author

Jack Lennon is a landlord and real estate investor who owns rental properties in Dublin and Galway, all of which have rented home insurance policies in place. These policies protect his investments should there be any loss due to damage on any of his properties. Because of the recent rise in inclement weather across the country, he stresses that the home insurance ireland residents have selected for themselves should offer the maximum amount of coverage possible.

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