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Most insurance companies will ask the question at application stage,as whether you intend to leave your property unoccupied for more than 30 days.After 30 days of an empty property,most insurers will not cover a claim after the 30 days have expired.However some insurance companies will allow 60 days for unoccupied,if you are not sure check with your insurer.If you are certain that you will not be resident in your home for more than 30-60 days,you will have to consider taking out specialist insurance for unoccupied home insurance.There are specialist insurers that will offer specific cover for this type of cover.It might be wise to seek professional advice and again there are specialist brokers that can do this for you.There are many examples of when you may require vacant property insurance.It could be that you are getting divorced and the house has been left empty,you could have inherited a property from a deceased relative and nobody is resident,you may have moved away to take another job and left your home vacant.These are some examples of why you may require this type of insurance cover,there are many others.Please also remember to inform postal and utility providers that you are no longer present at the house.You do not want mail mounting up,which could lead to criminals becoming aware the property is empty.Make sure if the property is alarmed,that the alarm is in full working order.Finally if you are unable to make regular checks on the property,ask someone you trust to check the property on a regular basis.When taking out unoccupied house insurance,remember to ask questions if you are unsure of anything on the policy.Check any exclusions and any excess that may be deducted in event of a claim.In other words fully understand what you are covered for and what you are not.If you take all of the above actions,you will ensure that in the event of a claim,you will have the correct cover and provided the risk is covered,you will be confident of making a claim if the need arises.Looking to insure your house whilst it is unoccupied,Michael Markey offers general advice as well as competitive insurance deals for vacant house insurance.

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What to Look For When Deciding To Buy Unoccupied House Insurance

Article by Mike Connery

For those who have purchased a new home but still need to sell your old one, be aware that your insurance provider may not provide coverage if it is unoccupied for longer than 90 days. Unoccupied house insurance is difficult to buy. There are numerous risks for the company to take into consideration if they insure an empty residence. The potential for damage from a broken pipe balloons if no one’s available to detect the water running onto the floor. The possibility for malicious mischief grows when the neighborhood vandals realize there is an new target on the block. Even vagrants tend to find their way to just about every empty home around. There can be simply way too many possible problems, especially when you take into account the potential liability factors that also occur. No one can forecast the weather conditions and no matter how many safety measures you take, a storm could obliterate your home in minutes. It’s not a problem if you are living within the property, but unless you have unoccupied house insurance, the insurance company will not cover your loss if it’s empty. Even if you inspected all pipes, took all precautions, something still can happen that can put your family’s economic position in shambles. Consider the home owner that let the house sit for a while, believing he’d be safe due to the fact his pipes had been winterized and he’d turned off the electric and gas. Unexpectedly, along comes a group of young thugs who make the decision it’s the perfect place for a party. While they party on, someone is injured, the authorities arrive, together with the ambulance and the party ends. However, instead of the entire group going to jail, the property owner receives a notice he’s going to be sued for damages. Not only does it cost him in attorney’s fees, he ends up losing. For the rest of his life, he may possibly be required to use his income to pay for the injuries caused by the intruders. If this sounds ridiculous, it is not. Numerous homeowners have lost lawsuits when intruders injured themselves while breaking into the home. Unoccupied house insurance is critical for liability matters as well as damage to the property. Not only are you at risk financially from perils and lawsuits, you additionally may have a clash or two with your mortgage loan company if the home has a mortgage. If you do not have insurance coverage, your lender has two alternatives. The first one is to set up their own high price insurance coverage on the home. This particular insurance coverage doesn’t offer you liability insurance but merely provides good enough protection on the home to pay for the mortgage. In the event you have a partial loss, you’ll typically have to pay much of the damage out of your own pocket. Unoccupied house insurance isn’t simply for people who’re moving. Other activities can take you away from your house for prolonged periods. Picture the individual who may have a lengthy hospital stay followed by a stay at an extended care facility. They could have problems unless they’ve got another person available to live in the home. The burden of having to worry about unoccupied house insurance ought to be the very last thing you’ve got on your mind at that time. It pays to have a helpful agent you can consult if you find yourself in need of unoccupied house insurance. You’ll also find various web based websites that offer you this sort of insurance. Understanding exactly what your company covers if your home is unoccupied for any length of time, can safeguard you from unnecessary loss.

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