Home Insurance Quotes Is The Key To Saving Money On Premiums

Article by Tom Jones

If somebody handed you a carrier bag containing 150,000 pounds you’d probably head off to your nearest bank in order to deposit the money for safekeeping. You certainly wouldn’t leave that money lying around unattended, because let’s face it you’d be heart broken if it got stolen.

The ironic thing is that approximately one out of every four home owners in the United Kingdom doesn’t have their homes insured. In other words, approximately 25% of home owners don’t bother with insurance.

Something else which is surprising, is that those who do insure their homes usually never bother shopping around for a better deal. Instead, each year when their policy is due to expire they simply renew it with the same provider. What many customers don’t realise is that they may in fact be missing out on certain deals being offered by their current provider.

This is because most insurance companies don’t automatically include existing customers when they start offering some or other special discount. In fact, in many cases you would need to cancel your existing policy with them and then reapply if you wish to qualify for their latest special offer. This in itself is reason enough to look around for several home insurance quotes.

If you’re really looking for the cheapest cover available then you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour if you get quotes from a number of companies. One thing to bear in mind however is that if you opt for the quick quotes which one can get in a matter of minutes on the internet, the prices you are given should only be seen as a rough guide.

Even so, they can certainly help you to judge whether or not you are paying too much at present. They can also give you a good idea as to how much you could be saving if you moved your insurance requirements to an alternative provider. Another nice thing about getting quotes online is that they will also mention what payment options are available to you, and of course this can help you to work out your budget.

Home insurance quotes will also give you the option to choose various add-on products over and above the basic cover. For example, standard cover may not include the likes of valuables such as jewellery, but of course you may have the option to have such items included for an additional fee.

The biggest downside to getting quotes is that when you apply, you are only asked a few basic questions, and the price you’re quoted is based on these questions alone. When it comes to actually applying for a policy the insurance company will want to dig a little deeper, and depending on what answers you give them, you may find the actual policy costs more than the figure you received with your quote.

Even though the actual amount you pay will probably be more than what you were quoted originally, it’s still advisable for all home owners to get home insurance quotes on a regular basis rather than automatically thinking they already have the best deal possible. Sure you may have had the best possible deal last year, but can you really be 100% certain it’s still the case this year?

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