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Sometimes, things can get a little soggy in your humble abode. MORE THAN freeman shares the tale of the Stone Family, reminding us to ensure our Home Insurance can help to keep us afloat. For more information and a Home Insurance quote visit www.morethan.com/home or follow us on Facebook on.fb.me

InsuranceHotline.com Offers Top Five Tips to Save on Car Insurance

InsuranceHotline.com Offers Top Five Tips to Save on Car Insurance

(PRWEB) November 08, 2012

Many drivers aren’t sure how to go about saving on car insurance. These top five tips from InsuranceHotline.com make it simple to get a lower rate right away, and start saving money on any car insurance policy.

1. Shop Around. It sounds simple, but many drivers stick with the same company for years without taking the time to compare rates. Each auto insurance company determines their own rates, so even with tickets or accidents it’s possible to get a lower rate. Online rate comparison websites, like InsuranceHotline.com make it easier than ever to shop around, and every driver should take the time to get some quotes when their policy renews. It could mean a lot of money saved on yearly rates.

2. Check the Discounts. Don’t assume that every discount is automatically added to the policy. There are things the insurance company may miss – or that they don’t realize should be added to the policy. If the car has a new anti-theft system, or if a new driver qualifies for a good driver or good student discount, but the insurance company doesn’t know then they can’t add the discount. Ask for a current list of available discounts and go over the requirements for each with your insurance professional. It’s the best way to make sure every discount applicable is being used.

3. Change the Deductible. A higher deductible, especially on collision coverage, can mean lower insurance quotes. Many drivers are scared off by the idea of having to pay more in the event of a claim, but the reality is that the collision deductible only applies in an at-fault accident, and after a few years without one, the extra cost of the deductible could have been easily paid for by the savings on the premiums.

4. Combine Policies. Many people have their home insurance with one company and their car insurance with another. They don’t realize that by having both policies with one company, they can reduce the rates on not just one of them, but both policies. This discount on both home and auto insurance is often one of the largest available and saves drivers and homeowners a lot of money. And it doesn’t have to be a homeowner’s policy; many companies offer the discount with renters insurance as well.

5. Pay in Full. Many car insurance companies may actually offer a lower rate to drivers who pay their premium in full on renewal than to those who choose to pay in installments. Monthly payments often come with fees as well that are charged on each installment. Paying the whole thing up front is a quick and simple way to pay less for car insurance.

“We’ve expanded our offering to US residents,” states Tammy Ezer of InsuranceHotline.com, “to help save more drivers money on their insurance rates. By following these five savings tips and getting online insurance quotes using InsuranceHotline.com, drivers will likely see a big difference in their rates.”

About: InsuranceHotline.com is a free online insurance rate comparison service that directs consumers to its large network of more than 30 insurance companies and licensed insurance professionals and provides quotes based on the lowest rates available through its network. In business since 1994, InsuranceHotline.com does not sell insurance, is not a licensed broker, and is not owned in whole or in part by an insurance company, agent or brokerage; ensuring consumers get a truly unbiased quote.

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Motorcycle Insurance – Top Companies Offering Motorcycle Insurance Rates Here. Free Service.

Motorcycle Insurance – Top Companies Offering Motorcycle Insurance Rates Here. Free Service.

(PRWEB) November 07, 2012

BetterInsuranceChoice.com – click here to visit this website, an online insurance reference tool, now offers drivers an easy way to compare rates from motorcycle local insurance providers. Drivers can use the quote generation tools on the website to get better rates on their motorcycle insurance policies or to explore coverage options.

Most drivers purchase new motorcycle insurance policies once every several years and stay with the same company until they have a reason to switch. However, motorcycle insurance rates change rapidly due to fluctuations in the economy and accident statistics in different areas. As a result, many drivers overpay for their insurance policies without realizing it.

Click here to save 70% on motorcycle insurance online.

“There really isn’t any insurance market quite like the auto insurance market,” said a representative of the website. “Many companies offer discounts and special coverage add-ons that greatly increase the value of their customers policies, but if you don’t regularly compare your policy to available insurance quotes, you can’t really take advantage.”

The website’s representatives note that the best times to compare quotes are after an accident, before making major auto insurance coverage changes, before buying a new vehicle and every three months or so. Drivers can learn about their policies on BetterInsuranceChoice.com by reading about different types of coverage and by reading quotes from the website’s many major insurance carriers.

BetterInsuranceChoice.com also offers other insurance-related resources for its users. In addition to free car insurance quotes, visitors can find free, local quotes for home insurance, life insurance and health insurance.

“People rely on their insurance policies to keep them financially safe, but big premiums can easily take a toll on a household’s budget,” said the company representative. “By giving people a free, easy way to find insurance quotes from reputable local carriers, we give them the accurate resources they need to control their policies. As a result, our users are much happier with their insurance choices.”

Click here to learn more about this website or get free motorcycle insurance quotes.

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www.lawmed.com This is the first of two videos we’ve created about liability insurance in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. (The other is about a special type of liability insurance called a wasting policy. It is available here www.youtube.com Placing a loved one in a nursing home is an amazingly difficult decision. You’ll want to choose a facility that has a record of good, competent, compassionate care…and you’ll want to ask about liability insurance. Liability insurance protects nursing home and assisted living residents in the event that they become injured at the facility. In this video, “Nursing Home Liability Insurance,” attorney Carma Henson discusses why liability insurance is important, and what to ask of the nursing home operator. *** Principal Office of Henson & Fuerst, PA: 2501 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27607 *** Hi, I’m Carma Henson, a partner at HensonFuerst Attorneys in Raleigh & Rocky Mount North Carolina. Much of the work I do here involves representing persons who are residents in nursing homes, and their families. In my first educational video—the one titled “How to Choose a Good Nursing Home”—I talked in general terms about nursing homes. I suggested what to look for when considering a nursing home for a loved one; I explained the federal government’s Five Star Rating program for nursing homes, and I reminded viewers of their rights. Today, I want to talk about one specific area of concern to me as an attorney-advocate; that is

www.directline.com | Potential home insurance customers are distracted by the promotion of the online discount offer on the Direct Line home insurance product.
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