Overseas Travel Insurances India

Article by Bhumesh Pawar

While planning a trip abroad the best thing you can do to ensure your safety is to get an overseas travel insurances India. It not only covers all your risks pertaining to any damages that might happen while you are traveling it also gives you a peace of mind. As the name suggests, overseas travel insurance is a contract wherein the insurer covers all risks that you run while on a tip out of the country. It protects you and your property against any possible damages and health issues.

One can broadly classify overseas insurance into two categories:

Overseas Property InsuranceOverseas Medical Insurance

Overseas Property insurance covers the entire valuable that you carry for your trip. It can include anything from electronics to jewelry to clothes and any other valued stuff. It can include articles like car, boat, motorcycle or any other prized possession. In such an agreement the insured is covered against losses arising due to fire, accident, theft or any other related peril.

Overseas Medical Insurance covers your risks of falling ill and the subsequent expenses while on your trip. Such an agreement offsets your expenses related to emergency hospitalization services if needed along with treatments, diagnosis, surgeries and other medical services. Since you are in a foreign country, the medical expenses are bound to be huge and can strain your pocket heavily. Hence it is a clever move to have someone else bears the expenses when needed. The facility to have cashless operations also adds to the advantages offered by Overseas Travel Insurances India.

Overseas travel insurances India is a necessity for the simple reason that it is always better to be safer when on a foreign land. If at any point of time you are robbed or mugged you would be left with no money to carry on your trip. Here a travel insurance policy can help and give you that financial back up to carry on smoothly. Such an insurance policy also gives you a support in case of an unavoidable delay. Here the extra expenses borne due to the delay are taken care of by the insurance company and you do not have to bear that. Another common problem of lost baggage is also dealt by this insurance. Most companies proved lost baggage compensation too under such an insurance settlement. So you can rest assured of your baggage too.

While travel insurance policies provide simple monetary relief in case of any untoward incidence, it has become a need for all travelers making international visits. There are various policies providing various kinds of covers. They vary as per the length of the trip, the kind of journey you are taking up and the region you are to visit.

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How to Close the Right Overseas Property Insurance Deal

Article by Groshan Fabiola

In today’s insecure and unpredictable climate, increasingly larger numbers of people are considering closing insurance policies for their real estate properties and assets in order to protect their value in the event of a harmful accident. On the actual premises, the closing of solid insurance policy deals is regarded as a crucial step in protecting real estate investments; by closing an efficient insurance policy with a reputed insurer, one can rest assured that one’s property is covered against a variety of unfortunate events such as fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, flood, smoke, theft, attempted theft and so on.

At present, it is advisable to close a property insurance policy for each property you own. The necessity of closing an efficient insurance policy for your properties is even more pronounced when your properties are located abroad. For the fact that overseas properties (especially holiday homes, villas or apartments which remain unoccupied for long periods of time) are more exposed to damage and deterioration, as well as acts of theft and vandalism, experts recommend owners of such properties to close adequate insurance deals as soon as possible. However, take note that the process of finding the right property insurance company and closing the right insurance deal abroad is challenging and time consuming.

Even if you manage to find a reliable and competitive insurer abroad, the closing of a property insurance policy with a foreign insurance company can be complicated, requiring you to obtain and translate a variety of specific documents. Apart from the language barrier, another disadvantage of signing property insurance deals with foreign insurers is that most insurance companies abroad pay claims in the local currency (this should be particularly avoided when closing deals in countries with unstable, oscillatory currencies).

In order to effectively overcome the impediments characteristic to closing overseas insurance policies, you should hire the services of a popular, respectable UK insurance company specialized in delivering quality overseas insurance services. If you own a holiday home in France, Spain or other European countries and want to close the right overseas insurance property deal in less time and with less effort, then all you have to do is hire an experienced UK insurer specialized in overseas property insurance and rest assured that your needs and requirements will be handled with professionalism.

The UK property insurance business has made significant progress over the last few decades, and nowadays there are many reliable and competitive insurance companies out there providing dedicated services to both physical and juridical persons in search of a suitable property insurance policy. The remarkable evolution of the property insurance market has determined most insurance companies to develop better, more comprehensive insurance offers in exchange for more affordable fees; consequently, today’s insurance offer is extensive and is addressed to a large segment of clients.

By hiring the right UK insurer, you can nowadays enter in possession of efficient, comprehensive property insurance policies (for both UK and overseas properties) for low rates and with little effort. With the help of a dedicated UK insurer, your holiday home in Spain, France, Italy or other European countries will be comprehensively covered and you will be provided with quality and convenient services.

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Overseas Property Insurance Policies – The Best Means to Protect your Real Estate Investments Abroad

Article by Groshan Fabiola

At present, buying overseas properties can offer you an entire series of benefits. First of all, when you own overseas properties you can easily transform them into holiday homes or villas, thus ensuring that you will be able to fully enjoy your vacations away from home. Whether you decide to spend your vacations with your family, friends, or unaccompanied, a holiday home in a beautiful, quiet place offers the perfect refuge against quotidian stress and routine, allowing you to relax and have a great time during your stay.

In addition, from a financial point of view, the decision of buying a property in a popular location with great potential for attracting tourists enables you to make substantial profits during holiday seasons, by hiring that property out to regular or occasional tourists tired of expensive and overcrowded hotels. Another great way to make a substantial profit is to invest in overseas homes in locations that are still under development – for instance, remote places that haven’t yet gone through a complete process of urbanization but are expected to become tourist, commercial or industrial centers in the near future. If you decide to enter in possession of overseas properties in such areas, your investments will become very profitable later on, when your properties’ value will rise significantly.

Thus, by transforming your overseas properties in holiday homes or villas, not only will you be able to save lots of money on accommodation and spend your vacations in great conditions (in the comfort of your own home, away from the agitation characteristic to most hotels), but you will also be able to make great profits by offering your properties for rent. Whether you are looking for a profitable real estate investment or simply want to own a place where you can spend your vacations, buying an overseas property is an idea worth considering.

Regardless of the reasons why you decide to buy an overseas property, remember to close an appropriate overseas insurance policy for that property as soon as possible. To own an overseas property offers many advantages but also involves a series of risks, so an adequate overseas property insurance policy is needed in order to efficiently protect your investment.

There are many risks associated with owning overseas properties, be they holiday homes, villas, apartments or other real estate investments. The less frequently you visit your holiday home or villa, the more exposed that property is to unfortunate events such as fires or break-ins. Even if your overseas property is occupied all year round, (if you hire out that property on long term) it is still vulnerable to an entire series of accidents and should be protected through a solid overseas property insurance policy.

If you have properties abroad and are interested in obtaining the most appropriate property insurance policies for competitive rates, then it is advisable to hire the services of a prominent, respectable insurance company specialized in providing competitive overseas property and holiday home insurance policies. To corroborate efficiency with convenience, you should consider hiring the services of an UK insurance company for all your prospective overseas property and holiday home insurance deals; by dealing with an insurer based in the UK, you will have the guarantee that your closed insurance policies will be properly handled, that you will rapidly and effortlessly enter in possession of your policy documents (all overseas property and holiday home insurance policies provided by UK insurers are written in English, so you will eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming document translation) and that all claims are paid in Pounds Sterling.

With the help of a dedicated, reputed UK insurance company specialized in overseas property and holiday home insurance policies, you will be able to close the best insurance deals in less time, with less effort and for less money, and you will receive the guarantee that even in your absence, your properties abroad will be comprehensively and efficiently covered.

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Buying Property Abroad — What’s it All About?

Buying Property Abroad — What’s it All About?

Hartlepool, Cleveland (PRWEB) November 16, 2007

A look at the ever increasing interest in buying a property abroad. What are the best places, is it a good idea and what are the pitfalls if any? Les Calvert from Property-Abroad.com answers some of your questions with his tips on what are the best areas for investment.

In the past 4 – 8 years there has been a tremendous increase in the interest, purchase and hype of buying a property abroad. The late 90’s and early part of the 21st century has seen house prices surge in the UK to record heights, this together with the ever increasing coverage of the low cost airline destinations has given the average man in the street the excess equity in their existing homes and easier access to be able to think about buying and perhaps even living overseas.

Sure you have all probably been on a foreign holiday to some exciting destination, be it Europe, The Americas or even further afield and admit it whenever you have seen a local estate agents estate agents window you always make a beeline for it if not to compare the prices to back in the UK then certainly to see how and what one could afford – you have probaby been doing it for years now without really considering the possibilities.

4 years ago the number of properties owned by people from the UK hovered at around 170,000. Now there are over 1million Brits owning second homes in Spain and France alone, and figures from the Office for National Statistics recently revealed that around 200,000 Britons travel abroad every year in search of buying a property with the intention of staying for a minimum of 12 months.

Where should you buy a Property Abroad?

The main question that Property-Abroad.com are asked by investors and holiday home seekers is “where should we buy”? A difficult question to answer because every person’s idea of owning an overseas investment property or off plan developments is completely different. A selection of questions that you should consider when thinking of buying property abroad which include:

Budget – how much do you want to or can you spend. Do you need a mortgage or finance?

Location – is location important for you? Beach, countryside or town?

Use – personal for holidays or purely investment or a bit of both?

Access – is getting to your property easily and cheaply important to you?

Employment – will you need to work what is the employment situation?

Schooling – do you need to consider such things as schooling for your children?

Size – will a one bed apartment be big enough or do you need to consider a 4 bed town house or villa?

Rentability – is it going to be a necessity to rent your property out to help with mortgage payments?

Although property-abroad.com have over 300 different websites and feature over 70,000 properties for sale in over 70 different countries abroad “no two enquiries are ever the same and as such we treat each enquiry on a personal basis” remarks Les. They feature properties for sale directly from local estate agents, private sellers and developers in almost every country.

What about the Legalities?

Buying a property abroad can be relatively straightforward – there’s nothing really complicated as long as you follow instructions and use a reliable legal representative – whether they are from the country concerned or from the UK – it will make you feel more at ease and will help things to run smoothly.

The website features various guides and books on buying property abroad and apart from various little peculiarities in certain countries most overseas property purchases can run smoothly.

Overseas Mortgages

Financing your overseas property is a lot easier now than it was a couple of years ago. Mortgages for buying property abroad can be arranged through high street banks like the Abbey National, Nat West and Barclays. However, you may need to look at specialist lenders for new and emerging countries like Turkey, Bulgaria, and Croatia etc. Consideration should also be given to obtaining a mortgage in the country that you are buying in – things like euro mortgages can often work out cheaper than UK lenders but be aware of the changing exchange rate. Typical loan to value %’s can range from 60 – 80% depending on the country.

Overseas Property Insurance

As with all major purchases insurance must play a part in your overall budget plan. Les recommends that adequate property and contents insurance is taken out to cover your investment as it grows. Although you don’t anticipate any problems arising with your new home you certainly want to ensure that your investment is covered against loss and damage. Although there are a number of UK based companies that will offer Overseas Property Insurance – you will also find that there are local companies able to offer similar coverage in each country.

Most of us here in the UK are already home owners and there exists a continuing strong demand for our little piece of England. However, there exists a growing sector of young people who are unable to climb on the UK property ladder because of the high cost of entry property prices and as such are entering the overseas property market as a means to secure some foot holding on an emerging property market.

A Place in the Sun – Channel 4’s property programme earlier this year compiled their list of the 20 best places to buy a property abroad for investment purposes. To refresh your memory listed below are the destinations in ascending order from the best to the least projected returns on investments.




The Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia)








Czech Republic








With over 70 country locations covered in their overseas property database prices of properties for sale in the areas above can range from a plot of land in the Bahamas from £2000 right up to a country holiday complex in Tuscany for over £33 million. Typical property prices in the likes of Romania stand at around the £10-15,000 mark for a decent property in the outlining areas whereas £5,000 + will get you a rural property requiring renovation and upwards of £30,000 will buy you something very near to the city of Bucharest.

Top Tip

The property market in Poland is Les’ tip for rapid future growth as he considers the country to have the best prospects of all current EU members. There are a huge number of international companies, such as Tesco’s and GSK, beginning to set up offices, shops and warehousing in the country – this together with over EUR70 billion of European funding earmarked for the country over the next 8 years or so can only indicate the anticipated growth in employment, housing and infrastructure. Together with their Polish partners Les is currently busy identifying new opportunities within the country and will soon be marketing off-plan developments in Poland throughout his massive infrastructure of websites.

As the British buyer becomes more and more daring in his ventures of overseas holidays then the great British public will continue to conquer new and exciting areas of the globe in which to lay their foundations of a holiday home or indeed a permanent residence abroad.

Whatever your reasons are for considering a move abroad then remember there’s only one company out there that can offer access to over 70,000 properties for sale worldwide:


Tel: 0870 720 3210


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