Increase in Business Cyber Crime Calls for Increased Liability Protection

Increase in Business Cyber Crime Calls for Increased Liability Protection

London, UK (PRWEB) August 15, 2012

With cybercrime rising, the experts at (CPLIQ) have embarked on an information campaign to help small business owners asses their personal and professional liability insurance for proper coverage. CPLIQ is an online liability resource for small business owners and individuals in the UK, and also provides an online quote comparison tool.

According to several sources that monitor cyber security, the percentage of targeted attacks aimed at small businesses doubled in the first half of 2012 alone. Many of the companies experiencing data breaches have fewer than 1,000 employees. The fallout from a cyber attack can result in lawsuits that can not only ruin the reputation of a company and its owners, but can also spell the demise of the company itself.

Consequently, the experts with CPLIQ have embarked on an information campaign to urge business owners to assess their liability insurance coverage and ensure they have the right insurance protections in place. To help UK businesses and individuals understand the many consideration in policy decisions and available support, readers can access a wealth of information at “Small business owners are very vulnerable to the devastating legal after effects of a cyber attack,” said a CPLIQ specialist.

“This is due to the fact that they often lack the expert help and resources to fully vet the liability insurance provider choices and assess them for adequate protection in the aftermath of a cyber-security attack.”

As an online liability insurance resource for individuals and businesses in the UK, CPLIQ professionals are experts at providing vital information to help small business owners and individuals make important liability insurance decisions. The website’s online quote comparison tool is a vital component for many UK businesses in the liability insurance decision process.

As part of their information outreach, CPLIQ is providing vital information for small businesses looking for liability insurance policy coverage that protects them after a cyber-security breach. According to the CPLQ experts, some insurers may exclude certain types of claims altogether, leaving the business exposed in the event of a lawsuit.

The CPLIQ professionals recommend that business owners and individuals already possessing policies have an expert review done to identify unfavorable cyber coverage policy provisions.

“To adequately guard against the potentially devastating after effects of cyber security breaches, small businesses and individuals must see beyond words like “privacy” or security within their policy as evidence of sufficient coverage,” said the expert. “The legal system and the court of public opinion will hold them responsible for the breach, so it behooves them to seek the necessary information to make the right decisions before the crisis.” For more information, please visit

About is an online liability resource for the UK. The website provides comprehensive information on all forms of liability insurance as well as detailed sources for additional help in the policy decision process. CPLIQ provides information to small business owners and individuals alongside their online quote comparison tool.

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