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The pace of life these days is frantic enough without having to spend hours searching for insurance, especially if your requirements are a little unusual or even unique. If you are finding it difficult to buy an insurance policy for your home, business, property portfolio, travel, Life or even your collectors car then …, 4 High Causeway, PETERBOROUGH, PE7 1AE,
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Everyone In Business Needs Commercial Business Insurance

Article by Tom Jones

As a business person you need to consider your insurance options carefully. Some people try to cut corners on costs by having low or zero insurance cover where laws may permit them to, but that is simply a bad move.

Let’s say that you moved to the States and happened to live in a state where automobile (car) insurance was not required by law. Wouldn’t you agree that it would still be wise to carry it anyway?

Commercial business insurance needs to be carried and it needs to be carried to the extent that your policy fully covers your needs. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. You must have insurance protection to prevent disaster and tragedy.

For example, consider trade insurance. You may be a builder, an electrician, or a plumber. The fact of the matter is that you typically work all day long on the property of other people, property which you are mostly or completely unfamiliar with. It doesn’t take much explaining for you to be able to imagine that this is risky business for yourself and for those you are working for.

If you have employees they share in and contribute to that risk. Trade insurance covers the unforeseen bad experience. If you are the one at fault it means that just because someone in your business made a bad mistake it isn’t going to put you out of business.

What if you are in the motor trade business? You might be a body repair shop, service shop, motor dealer, or sole trader running a business out of his home. Regardless of which it is, you have business insurance to consider: it could be combined motor trade insurance, car dealer insurance, road risks cover, or vehicle sales insurance.

How about if you are in the factory, workshop, and warehouse business? There are many different types of commercial insurance for you to consider:

* Public liability insurance * Employers’ liability insurance (this is mandatory by law anyway)* Goods in transit * Products liability * Property insurance * Trade stock * Professional indemnity* Contract works hired in plant * Business interruption * Personal accident* Own plant business equipment cover

Perhaps you have the enjoyment of running a bar or pub. Well, all of that fun and enjoyment comes with great responsibility. Just think of the many risks that your pub or bar is exposed to every day: theft; property damage; spoiled or damaged stock; drunkards getting out of control and doing harm to employees or patrons. There are insurance policies specially designed to cover these peculiar risks of the pub or bar business. You don’t want to be without such cover.

Are you in the hospitality business? If so then what about hotel, bed and breakfast, or guest house insurance? You have different guests coming and going all the time. You have foodstuffs to worry over and standards of cleanliness to maintain. Accidental and malicious property damage are just part of the business.

So, once again, do not cut cost corners on your commercial business insurance for any reason. Especially when there is no good reason to do so.

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If you’re looking for a quote on business insurance visit Swinton.

Why Do I Need Hotel Insurance

Article by Kathryn Dawson

Hotel insurance and guest house insurance usually offer the same type of coverage, although not always to the same full extent. The key points are the same as required under most business insurance policies, although the wording and limitations will usually vary according to the type of business and the industry in which your business operates. All businesses require an insurance policy that will cover buildings and contents, liability, both public liability and employers liability, and a ‘business interruption’ element to the policy.

The most common purchasers of a hotel insurance policy include businesses such as hotels, motels, and hostels, and bed and breakfast or guest house operations.

As mentioned above, the three key features of a hotel insurance policy are:

Buildings and contents insurance to protect your business in the event of fire, flooding, theft, break-in and resulting damages.

Public and employers liability in case of injury to employees or third parties whilst on your property.

Business interruption, a general term covering incidents that cause loss of income, such as electricity failure or gas leak, fire or flood damage, or injury, illness, or death of owners. This last element will help ensure that even in worst case scenarios, your business can still operate effectively, whereas otherwise there may be cause to shut down.

There are, however, a few key differences with the coverage allowances with hotel insurance as opposed to many general business insurance policies with these same features. For example, a hotel insurance policy may include coverage for damages such as a broken window, fixtures and fittings, landscaped garden property, and hotel frontages including signs and external blinds. As these are all elements that may hold a significant impact on business operation with regard to reputation, it is important that the upkeep of such items be maintained, and damages repaired promptly.

Other specific benefits that may be associated with a hotel insurance policy include coverage for loss of metered water; theft of keys, to include having the locks changed to prevent unauthorised access; loss of money both in and out of business hours and from sources such as vending or gaming machines as applicable; and loss or damage to outside equipment, such as outdoor lighting or heating appliances and picnic tables or other outdoor seating arrangement.

There may also be the opportunity to increase coverage of loss of stock during the primary season, an increase in coverage of both public liability and employers liability in particular for situations of outdoor catering. This additional coverage will also include protection against damage to your equipment, and to property of both guests and employees.

You should also ensure that your hotel insurance policy will cover loss or damage to the personal effects of your guests. It is also possible to select a hotel of guest house insurance policy that includes the receipt of equivalent rental or tenancy payments in the event of damages severe enough to prevent possible tenancy.

When choosing the most suitable hotel or guest house insurance policy for your particular business, examine the offerings of coverage with regard to business interruption protection within your policy duration. This will ensure that should a number of different possibilities crop up, your business can remain in operation. These include vermin and other pest issues, loss of accounts receivable (i.e. when guests don’t pay up), denial of access, all the way to notifiable illness or death, to include murder or suicide. While there may be one or two items on this list that you may not want to consider, it can be reassuring to know that the event is covered.

Comprehensive hotel insurance or guest house insurance is critical to the survival of a hospitality business, and is reassuring for the mental and emotional concerns of anyone running a business providing guest accommodation. If your business includes the provision of meals and beverages, particularly to customers who are not also purchasing nights of accommodation, you may need additional cafe insurance; check the terms of your selected insurance policy thoroughly to ensure it provides adequate coverage to meet all the requirements of your business.

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Kathryn Dawson writes articles for YesQuote, where you can find the best insurance quote and advice in the UK. YesQuote provide competitive rates and coverage for a wide range of businesses. They are well known specialists for hotel insurance, guest house insurance and cafe insurance, working only with the top A-rated insurance companies to offer products and services to any small and medium sized businesses, and are able to cater to any requirements.