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Every Small Business Owner Needs Public Liability Insurance

Article by Paul Delaney

If you own a business and have the public or customers coming onto your premises, or if you visit their premises, you should consider taking out public liability insurance. PL insurance will cover any monetary awards to a member of the public due to injures sustained or damage to their property that was cause by your or your business.

This type of insurance also has you covered for any possible legal fees that may arise. It will also take care of costs and expenses due to hospital and/or medical treatment that someone claims you owe.

If you own a business and someone who is visiting your establishment is accidentally injured, you will surely want insurance to cover any costs involved. PL insurance is designed to take care of this type of situation and it also will cover you if you should happen to damage someone else’s property by mistake, while you were carrying out business. For example, if you own a pet store and a customer comes in to pick up some dog supplies and happens to fall inside your store because a floor tile was loose, public liability insurance will cover your business if the customer decides to make a claim for the injuries he sustained while in your store.

As another example: Imagine for a minute that you are a self-employed plumber. While you are at a customer’s site, you trip and drop your toolbox on top of an expensive computer, damaging it beyond repair. Your public liability coverage has you covered in case the client wishes for you to replace the expensive computer.Small business owners in the UK who do not take out proper public liability coverage are operating in a danger zone. It is far better to have too much coverage than not enough. Accidents happen and they occur on a regular basis each and every day, regardless of how careful we may be or of how many precautions are taken. The amount of public liability coverage you need will depend on the nature and size of your business. It is best to get several quotes from various insurance carriers to look at all of the options available to you.

There are many websites that you can use to compare public liability insurance policies. Many of these sites are comprised of online forms that ask you a variety of questions such as the size and nature of your business. You simply follow the steps and provide the info asked and you will then be presented with a list of quotes from which you may choose a policy that is well suited to meet your business needs. You want to be very sure that you get enough coverage because you certainly do not want to be put in a situation where you are forced to pay someone far more money in compensation than what your policy covers.

When in doubt, be sure to consult with an expert. Public liability insurance is designed to allow you to operate your business knowing that you are protected from unexpected mishaps. It is there for you so be sure to choose a plan that fits your business model.

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For more information about Public Liability Insurance visit Flint Insurance for an online quote today!Distributed by Content Crooner

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Everyone In Business Needs Commercial Business Insurance

Article by Tom Jones

As a business person you need to consider your insurance options carefully. Some people try to cut corners on costs by having low or zero insurance cover where laws may permit them to, but that is simply a bad move.

Let’s say that you moved to the States and happened to live in a state where automobile (car) insurance was not required by law. Wouldn’t you agree that it would still be wise to carry it anyway?

Commercial business insurance needs to be carried and it needs to be carried to the extent that your policy fully covers your needs. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. You must have insurance protection to prevent disaster and tragedy.

For example, consider trade insurance. You may be a builder, an electrician, or a plumber. The fact of the matter is that you typically work all day long on the property of other people, property which you are mostly or completely unfamiliar with. It doesn’t take much explaining for you to be able to imagine that this is risky business for yourself and for those you are working for.

If you have employees they share in and contribute to that risk. Trade insurance covers the unforeseen bad experience. If you are the one at fault it means that just because someone in your business made a bad mistake it isn’t going to put you out of business.

What if you are in the motor trade business? You might be a body repair shop, service shop, motor dealer, or sole trader running a business out of his home. Regardless of which it is, you have business insurance to consider: it could be combined motor trade insurance, car dealer insurance, road risks cover, or vehicle sales insurance.

How about if you are in the factory, workshop, and warehouse business? There are many different types of commercial insurance for you to consider:

* Public liability insurance * Employers’ liability insurance (this is mandatory by law anyway)* Goods in transit * Products liability * Property insurance * Trade stock * Professional indemnity* Contract works hired in plant * Business interruption * Personal accident* Own plant business equipment cover

Perhaps you have the enjoyment of running a bar or pub. Well, all of that fun and enjoyment comes with great responsibility. Just think of the many risks that your pub or bar is exposed to every day: theft; property damage; spoiled or damaged stock; drunkards getting out of control and doing harm to employees or patrons. There are insurance policies specially designed to cover these peculiar risks of the pub or bar business. You don’t want to be without such cover.

Are you in the hospitality business? If so then what about hotel, bed and breakfast, or guest house insurance? You have different guests coming and going all the time. You have foodstuffs to worry over and standards of cleanliness to maintain. Accidental and malicious property damage are just part of the business.

So, once again, do not cut cost corners on your commercial business insurance for any reason. Especially when there is no good reason to do so.

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If you’re looking for a quote on business insurance visit Swinton.

TechAssure Launches a New National Micro Site to Better Serve the IT Sector?s Property, General Liability and E&O Needs

TechAssure Launches a New National Micro Site to Better Serve the IT Sector’s Property, General Liability and E&O Needs

San Rafael, CA (PRWEB) January 05, 2012

Many local insurance experts know that each company has its own unique technology insurance needs. While a standard business owner’s policy may be suitable for some companies, those that specialize in niche sectors may require more. For this reason, a number of expert insurance providers have come together to form TechAssure, a non-profit, international association of insurance brokers that specialize in providing all lines of insurance for venture capital and private equity firms, their portfolio companies and IT consultants. TechAssure members represent more than 4,000 clients in the innovation space, with more than $ 1 billion in property and liability insurance premiums.

Now, members of the group have launched a new website, The new site allows IT related businesses to get a quote faster than ever before with CoverITfast, an insurance product custom-made for those in the IT and technology sectors. Through the CoverITfast product, technology businesses can obtain one insurance policy that provides comprehensive office and professional liability coverage, including professional liability risk exposures to technology errors and omissions, network security liability, personal injury and privacy liability, failure to prevent authorized system access, and media and intellectual property coverage.

TechAssure’s members are proud to be the only insurance association that is dedicated to the Tech sector. By joining multiple regional niche tech insurance brokers together to combine their experience, TechAssure is able to better serve its customers and ensure that all clients obtain coverage that is uniquely tailored for their needs.

About CoverITfast:

CoverITfast is an insurance product specifically designed for IT Consultants and technology businesses. Clients who benefit from CoverITfast are in one of the most innovative and dynamic industries and require a technology insurance company that truly understands their unique business needs. Due to the fact that TechAssure is a non-profit association made up of independent insurance brokerages, customers can be assured that they are dealing with an insurance agent that can deliver best of breed insurance advice and the most competitive price for IT Consultants and Technology Companies.


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