Increase in Business Cyber Crime Calls for Increased Liability Protection

Increase in Business Cyber Crime Calls for Increased Liability Protection

London, UK (PRWEB) August 15, 2012

With cybercrime rising, the experts at (CPLIQ) have embarked on an information campaign to help small business owners asses their personal and professional liability insurance for proper coverage. CPLIQ is an online liability resource for small business owners and individuals in the UK, and also provides an online quote comparison tool.

According to several sources that monitor cyber security, the percentage of targeted attacks aimed at small businesses doubled in the first half of 2012 alone. Many of the companies experiencing data breaches have fewer than 1,000 employees. The fallout from a cyber attack can result in lawsuits that can not only ruin the reputation of a company and its owners, but can also spell the demise of the company itself.

Consequently, the experts with CPLIQ have embarked on an information campaign to urge business owners to assess their liability insurance coverage and ensure they have the right insurance protections in place. To help UK businesses and individuals understand the many consideration in policy decisions and available support, readers can access a wealth of information at “Small business owners are very vulnerable to the devastating legal after effects of a cyber attack,” said a CPLIQ specialist.

“This is due to the fact that they often lack the expert help and resources to fully vet the liability insurance provider choices and assess them for adequate protection in the aftermath of a cyber-security attack.”

As an online liability insurance resource for individuals and businesses in the UK, CPLIQ professionals are experts at providing vital information to help small business owners and individuals make important liability insurance decisions. The website’s online quote comparison tool is a vital component for many UK businesses in the liability insurance decision process.

As part of their information outreach, CPLIQ is providing vital information for small businesses looking for liability insurance policy coverage that protects them after a cyber-security breach. According to the CPLQ experts, some insurers may exclude certain types of claims altogether, leaving the business exposed in the event of a lawsuit.

The CPLIQ professionals recommend that business owners and individuals already possessing policies have an expert review done to identify unfavorable cyber coverage policy provisions.

“To adequately guard against the potentially devastating after effects of cyber security breaches, small businesses and individuals must see beyond words like “privacy” or security within their policy as evidence of sufficient coverage,” said the expert. “The legal system and the court of public opinion will hold them responsible for the breach, so it behooves them to seek the necessary information to make the right decisions before the crisis.” For more information, please visit

About is an online liability resource for the UK. The website provides comprehensive information on all forms of liability insurance as well as detailed sources for additional help in the policy decision process. CPLIQ provides information to small business owners and individuals alongside their online quote comparison tool.

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USA Business Insurance Services now offers solutions for Apartment Building Owners

USA Business Insurance Services now offers solutions for Apartment Building Owners

Burbank, CA (PRWEB) July 10, 2012

Business Insurance USA now offers insurance solutions for the unique needs of apartment buildings, office buildings, and shopping centers and the professionals who own them. These particular businesses rely on operating within a building that is built to serve or house their clients and tenants. Businesses such as these need coverage and protection that is geared to protect the structures that are fundamental to “business as usual”. In addition, apartment and office building owners have special liability concerns that are unique. Business owners can now achieve comprehensive coverage solutions for general liability insurance and business owners insurance protection for apartment or office buildings. Business Insurance USA now has low rates available for these businesses and they are now offering multiple insurance carrier programs for the best prices under nationwide coverage.

Finding the best prices for insurance is easy when coverage is customized for the unique insurance needs that apartment and office building owners have today. It is imperative for building owners to have general liability to cover for accidents and injuries that occur on the premise. For instance, the coverage under premises liability will add protection in the event an accident occurred as someone walked on the areas to or from their apartment home and they subsequently file a lawsuit. The legal fees and any settlements can be covered with the protection of general liability that is now available to apartment owners.

Apartment building, office, or shopping center owners can also now take advantage of the full spectrum of business coverage through Business Insurance USA by purchasing a business owners policy or BOP. BOP coverage can be customized to protect buildings and contents in scenarios such as storm damage to a roof, or in the event that an electrical surge damages appliances and equipment. Additional coverage can be obtained for valuable electronic and paper documentation and files. The costs that may be incurred as owners must search for data or replace the important files or electronic data can also be covered with a BOP.

Additionally, coverage can be added for business auto insurance and workers compensation insurance. Specific coverage and amounts can be customized for the particular insurance needs of apartment buildings or areas of offices and retail buildings as well.

Business Insurance USA is excited to extend coverage protection for apartment building insurance, office building insurance, and shopping center insurance to serve the unique needs of these businesses. Learn more about how General liability insurance and business owners policies that can protect these businesses today.

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How A Business Lawyer Can Help To Start Up Your New Company

Article by Braudwilliam

Many company owners wait until a legal issue arises to contact a business lawyer, but this really is not the first time in the life of your company that you should be meeting with one. If you are in the process of starting up a brand new company, you should actually be meeting with one of these lawyers as soon as possible. They will be able to help you with a number of different areas involved with starting a company, including: entity formation, protection of intellectual property, insurance, and so on.

Entity formationA business lawyer will be able to offer you advice regarding what sort of âEUR~entityâEUR(TM) is right for your company, as well as helping you to ensure it has all been set up correctly. In most cases, your lawyer will advise you to form a limited liability company (LLC) that will not hold you responsible for liabilities should you not hold regular meetings.Trademarks and copyrightsComing up with a company name and logo often takes a lot of hard work âEUR” you need to make sure that someone else hasnâEUR(TM)t already bought the rights to it, you need to pay someone to draw it up, and so on. It would make sense, then, to protect your name or logo from being stolen by someone else. Your lawyer can help you to do this by filing for trademark, patents and copyright.ContractsHaving contracts for your company is a must. Whilst some people think that it is okay to simply download one from the internet, this is never a good idea âEUR” who was it written for; does it take your local laws into account? Your business lawyer will be able to help you draft up contracts for employees, suppliers, subcontractors âEUR” whoever will be involved in the day to day running of the company âEUR” that are legally binding.InsuranceEvery company needs to have insurance, as this will protect you should an employee or visitor have an accident in the workplace. By getting your business lawyer to help you with all your insurance requirements, you will ensure that they have a thorough knowledge of your company should you ever find yourself in some legal hot water.This article on touches the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ways that a business lawyer can help out anyone who is in the process of starting up a brand new company. If you want to ensure that your company is a success and complies with all laws and regulations, you should make sure that get the right advice from the very beginning.
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